#1 – Aashish ( Founder and CEO of Sociopool India )

Welcome to the blog. Well, an intelligent person once said if you are dropping ‘something’ off, your alternative ‘something’ must be worth it. The first chapter is based on the story of the same, an interesting man who drop out from chartered accountant and followed his vision of providing suitable online marketing channels to various brands and growth boost in terms of sales and trust.

Aashish, the founder and CEO of Sociopool India is a business-oriented person having more than 7 years of experience in finance and corporate planning and 5 years of expertise in marketing and strategy management. His practical implementation of ideas and strong will led to the rise of Sociopool India, India’s leading Influencer marketing company, which gave a vast social media platform for brands to promote their products and provide a wide range of audiences from all over the country.The idea revolutionized the market by providing tremendous and growth-changing results through his hard work and 100% dedication to drive the brand’s path from constant to the extraordinary outcome. As his passion remains in the same field, he derives happiness from his work and spread positive vibes to the maximum extent.
His wise words are “Marketing is selling a burning ash at the prices of diamonds

Established in 2015, Sociopool India Private Limited is an Indian Influencer and viral marketing company with a collection of 100s of influencers that come with a combined reach of over 500 million on Facebook and Instagram and on Youtube, among other platforms.The agency has its own production house called SocioHub.They are the first company to have started brand promotions through Youtube videos and Instagram memes in India in 2015.
Sociopool India was a thought which took birth in the mind of its founder Aashish Bhardwaj who realized the need for different companies to reach their audiences with one click.Sociopool is an excellent platform for young and aspiring Youtubers who want to turn their dreams into reality. The extravagant arena provides a perfect stage for anyone to reach the audience. Being an expert with an on-hand experience in the field we have been working with 200+ exclusive influencers, channels, production houses, singers, celebrities, animators, movie promotions, and much more.