Sociopool-Best Influencer Marketing Agency In India

About Sociopool

Sociopool began its journey in 2015 We are a premier service provider and have expertise in the area of influencer marketing, and have a large pool of social media influencers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We have a presence across all social media networks and connect brands with socially engaged viewers. Targeting the prospect viewers by communicating creatively and making high-performance strategies for brand promotion.
Sociopool empowers brands to communicate with their target audiences on various emerging social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook by planning and developing high-performing promotional and outreach campaigns.
Campaigns involving influencers, a handful of blogs, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, and Instagram pages are part of the Sociopool India network, which covers an audience of over 500 million people. With our customized and endorsed content, initiatives are taken to engage viewers with the aim of increasing brand exposure, commitment, and sales revenue.

Founder of Sociopool India

In today’s world, social media has turned into a powerful tool for influencing people. There are numerous professionals who perceive this as an opportunity and have achieved phenomenal success as a result. Aashish Bhardwaj of Delhi, India, is one such high-performing entrepreneur and social media specialist who has launched a social media revolution.
The energetic and enthusiastic founder and CEO of Sociopool India, Mr. Aashish Bhardwaj, is a business driven entrepreneur with 7 years of total experience having expertise in the domain of financing, corporate planning, and marketing management. He is always focused on putting challenges into opportunities and ensuring that he does not miss out on any possibilities. He’d always wanted to carve out his own niche in the ever-changing social media landscape, so he came up with creative ideas with Influencer Marketing to assist businesses reach a larger spectrum of people through social media.

His approaches disrupted the market by delivering impressive results. He aims to build a firm based on principles, and principles that would last beyond the firm. He finds joy in his profession and seeks to impart appreciation and encouragement wherever he goes. He is a streamlined and humble person who enjoys reading biographies that teach wisdom as well as facts, which is important in today’s corporate world. Aashish has unstoppable momentum and is roaring to take Sociopool to the next level.