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Ketki Tambe

Upstox ventured into Influencer Marketing with a bang with regional and niche influencers. Sociopool played a crucial role in helping us penetration through the interiors of India and reach the audiences. Besides the obvious, they stood by the brand. The team is extremely supportive and was available at all times to have a smooth campaign.

Jane Huh

Sociopool offers powerful influencer channels that every brand must experience. Its passionate creators with high-quality social engagements and unique contents highly contributed to B612 brand. We also loved their clear and accurate communication skills, which has been a huge help to the promotion of our brand. Anytime we plan a new campaign in the future, I will be contacting them.

Marketing Manager of B612

Nina Yin from Nox Limited

In the process of developing the Indian market, Sociopool has provided us with a lot of help. Sociopool has a wealth of Youtube channels with a strong appeal. They played a very positive role in our app promotion. At the same time, Sociopool’s representative is always able to provide the in-time service and help for urgent need. They are one of our trusted partners.

Abraham linkan

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